Laser Grading

What is Laser Grading?: Laser Grading is the process of levelling a land surface to a desired gradient by cutting, filling, and smoothing the soil. Laser grading is great for each and every phase of construction - subgrade to gravel to root zone materials - to create the perfect, uniform land. Laser grading done correctly accomplishes an elevation change from high point to low point and a smooth surface without significant high spots or dips that could impede upon water flow or construction.

Laser Grading can be used for sports fields, swimming pool construction, driveways, garages, horse arenas, and roads.

Our Laser Grading services work on a range of materials, such as Sand, Soil, Screenings, Road Base and Crusher Dust, to name a few. With the variety of our laser grading services, we are sure we can fulfill any needs you have.